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Neptune’s Return and Beyond: The Big Waves and Undercurrents in a changing world: Part 1

Julija Simas © 2010

Adapted from a lecture presented to the VAA (Victorian Astrologers Association) in April 2010 as an adjunct to showing the C*I*A’s 30 minute documentary movie, Neptune’s Return. This article will be presented in four parts over the next few months.

1: A- Neptune’s Return 2009-2010 - The global atmosphere surrounding Neptune’s 1st Return, financial meltdown, climate change, earth changes and the changing hierarchies in our solar system, the indicators of the great shift taking place in global consciousness and the other things we didn’t put in the Movie.

1: B – The Return Charts - An analysis of the return charts for both 2009 and 2010 return’s .

2 : Neptune in Pisces - 2011 - 2026 - The Charts of the ingress of Neptune into Pisces, a look at previous years with Neptune in Pisces, what to expect this time around.

3 : The Venus occultation of 2012 – June 6 2012 - A look at the Venus occultation cycle, shifting from Sagittarius to Gemini, Venus occultations seem to herald great shifts in cultural, philosophical, scientific and artistic values, very timely for such a highly anticipated year.

4 : A look at 2012, Mayan mythology and cosmology, the Astronomy of the end of an Age, the astrological outlook , 21/12/12 end date, eclipses, the Super Galactic Center and the Great Attractor which seem to be highlighted in this year.

Neptune returned to its discovery degree exactly, in April 2009 and then again February 2010 and it seems strangely fitting that we find ourselves in the midst of great concerns about the future of our planet during this time. As we acknowledge Neptune’s 1st birthday, his return to the place of the zodiac of 25 deg 53’Aquarius, where he was first sighted on 23 September 1846, now 164 years later, we are alerted to the many things that developed in our world back then and the consequences related to them a whole cycle later.

Neptune's birthday being in Aquarius highlights Neptunian themes in an Aquarian context. Aquarius, the sign of the commons, the global mind, looking at the future, new ways and all the alternatives, together make an important backdrop to the great global shift in consciousness taking place around the planet. Global catastrophes seem to remind us constantly about the fickle nature of our interdependent existence, how the quality of the air, the oceans and the natural world belong to us all, regardless of status, wealth, race, colour or creed. It is hard not to relate the idea of these great global concerns as belonging to the realm of Neptune. Neptune, the great cosmic energy symbolic of that which connects us all. Neptune, most commonly associated with the collective unconscious, can also be understood, as universal consciousness, as we move forward in understanding the nature of reality and consciousness itself as one.

As with the energy of Neptune, which cannot be contained or bound, we look at the timing of this return exact in 2009 and 2010, but note that the return can easily span 5 to 10 years backward or forward from 2009/10. With a 164 year time frame between exact returns it would seem that the orbs associated with this return span many years. Pluto will have an opposition to its discovery degree whilst in Capricorn in 2016 and 2017. During Pluto’s series of squares with Uranus over the next few years, this could be the point when we see the great transformations anticipated with the Uranus square to really come to light, or finally come to fruition. Uranus having had many returns to its discovery degree, deserves another article, but it is worthy to note these discovery points and oppositions as important markers in the developments here on earth. Uranus was discovered at 24 deg 27’ Gemini, and the last time it was found at this degree was during the volatile post war years of 1947-48, when the world was teaming with Civil wars, the Soviet force took away more freedoms in countries like Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, freedoms were gained in places such as Israel and legendary peacemaker Gandhi was assassinated.

It is now quite evident that things must change and as Neptune’s return coincides with the great T-square line up of mid 2010 with all the planets involved, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and as the long term Pluto Uranus square begins and continues, we know and can feel that the world is in the midst of great change.

Quite simply the current worldview, actions and motives can no longer sustain us. New discoveries, ideas, new ways and thinking are developing to make us cope with this transformation crisis. As biologist Bruce Lipton reminds us “crisis ignites spontaneous evolution”. We are now at this point. Bruce Lipton also tells us, that it is now no longer about the survival of the fittest, but it is those most able to adapt to their changing environment that are most likely to survive this world**. We are changing our minds and reprogramming our thinking, adapting to quantum values and changing our beliefs to adapt to the changing world and our evolving consciousness.

Neptune was discovered at the time of the beginnings of industrial and organic chemistry, the production of plastics, the discovery of oil and its production, the development of the motor car, providing energy to fuel our modern cities. Many aspects of these developments which started about 164 years ago have now become dangerous, toxic, detrimental to our health, wellbeing and lethal to further progress. We now re- evaluate the virus of progress, as well as its rewards. As Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Marxist manifesto, impressionistic painting and photography bloomed about 164 years ago, we now relook and reconsider new ideas of evolution and the implications of progress, the dominant class structures of the capitalist society, of power and profit making corporations and altogether we look for new ways of looking at the world, as the next cycle of Neptune is born.

Pluto’s demotion back in 2006 has made Neptune now the outermost Planet. Demoting Pluto seemed quite appropriate and true to his mythology, he seemd to go back to the underworld where he belongs. Timely for sure and not surprising, that Pluto was first discovered at the last major financial global crisis in 1930 and was demoted just before another major financial crash in 2008. Is our awareness of plutonian themes, extraordinary greed, wealth and power an appropriate symbol of Pluto’s demotion? It does seem quite appropriate for a changing of the guard, a consciousness shift. Neptune now physically at the end and the edge of our solar system, very appropriate for a planet representing the beginning of the unknown, symbolic of transcendence and moving beyond to another realm. The planet where ego consciousness dissipates, may very well also symbolise a return to Universal Consciousness, that which may very well save us.

To add to the shift, the asteroid Ceres, perhaps previously not so important for many astrologers, was elevated to the dwarf planet pantheon and her elevation now equals the status of Pluto, both now in the same class as they are both Olympian Gods, Demeter and Hades. Concern for the earth and all its blooms and intricate sytems is much more important now, than wealth power and material accumulation. The myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone and their association with Hades tells us more of this intriguing saga. More about the myth.

The great reshuffle also birthed over the last few years a few new astrological connections. Added to the same class of dwarf planets and plutoids (objects beyond Pluto), Haumea (2005)-named after a Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, Make-make(2005) named after an Easter island Creator God and Eris (Ares’s sister) appropriately discovered in Aries, in 2005 . Eris, The Goddess of Discord ,who’s discovery also seems very timely, as if she threw her apple of discord and disruption into the planetary party in order to wake us up, to help us judge what was most important in the world. Did we wake up to the superficial values that we hold, that lead to wars as the myth of the Judgement of Paris leading to the Trojan War suggests.More about the myth.

We also now have Sedna in Taurus, discovered in 2003, an Oort cloud object, bright red and shiny with a 10,500 year cycle so very distant, but nevertheless interesting. Because of her distance and coldness being so far away at the edge of our solar system,, she was named after an Inuit Goddess of the sea. Sedna’s myth relates to the gifts of the oceans, telling an awful story of hunger, betrayal, dismembering and shape shifting to a new existence. More about the Myth.

It seems as though we are gathering more feminine energy to cope with an over exaggerated male dominance on earth, reflected in the planetary hierarchies. This reshuffle at the edge of the solar system and the myths associated with the various new deities associated with these bodies, seem to reflect our growing conscious awareness to planetary resources and their decline, the readjustment of wealth and power, a rebirth and a recreation and a return of the divine feminine. The change of hierarchies in the heavens reflects the change in conscious priorities down here on earth..

There are also a few more indicators of the great shift coming up over the next few years. Firstly as Neptune moves closer to zero Pisces, it opposes the fixed star Regulus. They have been moving into this alignment over the past few years with the asteroid Chiron. Regulus in the constellation Leo, the heart of the Lion, one of the four Royal Stars defining the four corners of the fixed zodiac, most commonly associated with kings, princes, prestige, honour and fame, but also very appropriately for these changing times, the concept that “wealth won’t necessarily bring happiness”. During this period we also have the move of Regulus into Virgo at the end of 2011, after being in Leo for the past 2160 years, due to the precession of the equinoxes and our tropical zodiac, it now starts a 2160 year reign in Virgo. Virgo the sign of sacred service becomes a focus, those who can best service and serve the planet, not use it for there own greed and satisfaction, will be the new heroes. Interesting also, as we witness more Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Virgo generation leaders take centre stage, as well as more women in positions of power. (more on this in part 2 Neptune In Pisces).

This theme continues with the mythology of the Mayans, as their creation myths, and prophecies come exactly attuned to the their sacred calendar that finishes at Sunrise in Mexico on the December solstice in 2012. The myth tells of the fall of a corrupt ruler Seven Macaw, who has ruled the last age of Man since 31oo BCE and the rebirth of the solar deity One Hanapu, who is bought back by his twin sons and a new age of man begins. This new age of Man also sees the long awaited return of the feathered serpent God, Quetzalcoatl who once walked the earth, having left the Earth due to its corruption and moral and spiritual demise, he returns as humanity moves from the a material world to a more spiritual and enlightened existence. He himself represents Mind over Matter as his serpent body and feathers suggest. Ego consciousness giving into transpersonal/universal consciousness is surely something to look forward to. (More on this in part 4)

Just a reminder, Neptune can be seen through a telescope, it is a massive blue, green gaseous planetary giant and true to its astrological nature, it phases in and out of being seen. Neptune’s realm, not always seen, but always there, invisible energies that shape our lives without us even knowing it. Neptune reminds us of where we are now, not knowing what to do or where to go, confused about what’s real and what’s not. Is it climate change or is it cyclic? Is it the end? Is there any hope? Neptune’s Return, an end and a new beginning. A new beginning in the way we perceive and connect to our world, our changing environment and our changing priorities.

As we communicate behind the masks of computers more disconnected than we think, a Neptune in Aquarius legacy, as we furiously network to change the world, build connections, think of alternatives, sometimes it does feel hopeless. As the multinationals debate carbon trading, how they can own Sun energy or mine the minerals on the Moon, as world economies continue to collapse, Neptune reminds us of what’s possible, to imagine a better world, believe in something greater, to become less materially focused and have faith in the unknown. As we become more aware that consciousness creates our reality, not the fate of some unknown God, we the creators of our own destiny are called to plan the future and how we would like too see it unfold. With Uranus having been doused in Pisces for the last seven years and Neptune too fixed in Aquarius for the last twelve, both energies become freer over the next 2 years when we can expect a more passionate return and re-engagement with each other and the world's changing paradigms, with Uranus in Aries as Neptune returns to Pisces in 2011.

Julija Simas © 2010

** Bruce Lipton - Spontaneous Evolution 2010

Next : Part B od Part 1– A look at the Discovery chart of Neptune and The Return Charts. Coming soon.

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