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PART 2 : The Birth of a new cycle. : The Discovery and Return Charts - Oil, New Energy, Ecology, Gaia.

1: A- Neptune’s Return 2009-2010 - The global atmosphere surrounding Neptune’s1st Return, financial meltdown, climate change, earth changes and the changing hierarchies in our solar system, the indicators of the great shift taking place in global consciousness and the other things we didn’t put in the Movie.

2. The Return Charts - An analysis of the return charts for both 2009 and 2010 return’s - The birth of a new cycle.

3 : Neptune in Pisces - 2011 - 2026 - The Charts of the ingress of Neptune into Pisces, a look at previous years with Neptune in Pisces, what to expect this time around.

4 : The Venus occultation of 2012 – June 6 2012 - A look at the Venus occultation cycle, shifting from Sagittarius to Gemini, Venus occultations seem to herald great shifts in cultural, philosophical, scientific and artistic values, very timely for such a highly anticipated year.

5 : A look at 2012, Mayan mythology and cosmology, the Astronomy of the end of an Age, the astrological outlook , 21/12/12 end date, eclipses, the Super Galactic Center and the Great Attractor which seem to be highlighted in this year.

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PART 2 - Neptune's Return - The birth of a New Cycle.

Galileo's first sighting of Neptune 1612*

Galileo first sighted Neptune in 1612, when Neptune was exactly conjunct Jupiter at 26 Virgo. He mistook Neptune for one of Jupiter’s Moons. This seems an appropriate introduction for the planet that would come to symbolize the mysteries of life, the unseen and the confusing and also its co-rulership of Pisces with the traditional ruler, Jupiter.

Neptune was discovered on the 23rd September 1846, Berlin - 9:00pm**

We now have the return of Neptune to its discovery degree. Neptune returns three times to this point, 25’53 Aquarius, twice in direct motion, once retrograde and stations direct one minute away from the exact discovery point on 5 November, 2010. The first direct return was April 11, 2009 and the second was February 7, 2010. If we take into account Neptune's precessed position from discovery in 2010, to be 28 '10 Aquarius we note that Neptune returns here during 2010 and also into 2011 ***. With these Returns a new cycle of Neptune begins.

All charts live on and continue informing and pulsating, the more we look the more we see, the more we see the more we uncover. In this study I will only address a few ideas and connections, as Neptune’s tentacles are vast and far reaching with too many avenues of exploration. My aim is to consider connections of the discovery chart and how that ties into 2010 and Neptune Return charts. Firstly the discovery chart has a zero degree Libra Sun. Neptune’s Return years during 2009 and 2010 could be considered more influential as the T-square formation at zero degrees of cardinals reflect a Neptunian tinge, with the discovery Sun at this zero Libra degree.

Pluto and Uranus in Aries in this discovery chart indicate new energies, collective change and transformation was also part of this discovery. Pluto sextiles the Neptune/Saturn conjunction, forming a yod that points to Mars in Virgo. This yod, then, is associated with power, corporations and control, monopolies that have been built around the “new energy” of the time, Oil. Oil has been associated with Neptune, as the discovery of oil and it’s use coincided with Neptune’s discovery. The focal point of the yod is Mars and as we know power games over the world’s oil reserves have been the prime motivator for many wars and numerous financial, nationalistic and political agendas ever since.

Mars is at 25 Virgo and Sedna is at 26 Pisces opposite this point. Mars in Virgo, with Mercury and Venus, suggest the ecological concerns we now face due to the careless use and production of this precious commodity, especially it seems in our oceans. The mighty oil industry, the wars that would ensue, the cover ups that would be fabricated and the health of our peoples and environments are all indicated in the discovery chart. Sedna’s position in the chart has been activated this year by Uranus and Jupiter’s position during this years Mexican Gulf oil crisis as they hover together around this degree during 2010. Also during this oil crisis Neptune was at 28 Aquarius, it's precessed return position as noted earlier. *** Eris sits at the end of Aquarius a point energised by both Neptune and Chiron also during the crisis and 2010. It seems Neptune’s discovery chart and return have been notably activated.

Oil the world’s dominant energy source since Neptune’s discovery, has been powering our industrial cities, infiltrating our lives and in the process destroying natural habitats and the quality of life of many in the developing world. We have all been affected by the globalization of oil companies controlling this natural resource. Pluto is conjunct the South Node of the Moon, in Aries. Pluto, also very much associated with oil, as it’s from the deep, down below, is dark and dirty, with the South Node shows a fated and karmic connection to this liquid gold. It is now that we are told we are reaching “peak oil reserves, peak oil provokes a crisis but crisis means change. Peak Oil is only a formidable crisis when we refuse to see that a New Energy can exist. Our historic reliance on the plentiful and cheap supplies of fossil fuels, has been ensured by powerful oil industries that often oppose incentives for renewable and sustainable development. We can also see that the Moon is in Scorpio and is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Here she exemplifies the ruthless control and use of this resource, for power and money.

Another very interesting aspect to consider, which happened around the time of Neptune's discovery is population growth. Populations around the globe began to soar around 1850. In one Neptune cycle we have grown from 1.2 billion people to nearly 7 billion. The use of fossil fuels, the industrialization of cities, food production, developments in medicine and healthcare all contributed to this rapid, exponential growth. With this next cycle we are faced with many global concerns as to how to cope with growing populations, food and water supply, pollution, and healthcare, fiercely dominated by the almighty powerful pharmaceutical industry.

Neptune moves into Pisces, in 2011, we will feel the more serious effects of overpopulation: Pisces is a sign of extremes and Neptune knows no bounds : no doubt we will see and experience food shortages, not enough for all, the give, the take, the haves, the have nots, those that will suffer and those that will hoard, those that will not share and those that will continue to rip off what they can, some for the dire necessity of survival. The breaking of borders and boundaries in all senses could very well be imminent. Neptune can also bring with it a solution: new inspired ideas, universal consciousness and visions for the future. The chart for Neptune’s Pisces ingress has a predominance of Aries planets, indicating bold new beginnings. This will be explored in the next instalment.

When Uranus returns to its position in the discovery chart in 2013 and Pluto squares that degree, we may begin to notice significant developments of new energy sources implemented around the world. Pluto squares 25 Aries degree in 2020, which is also the beginning of a new Jupiter Saturn cycle. Jupiter and Saturn will cycle through air signs for 200 years. The last 200-year cycle of Jupiter Saturn conjunctions has been in earth. This transition from Earth to Air is redolent of lightening up, of moving from resource based economics towards rapid social progress, intellectual developments, new concepts entering into human consciousness, paradigm shifts, solving the problems of the past.

2010, marked by the cardinal T-square, and close alignments with Ceres and Pluto, has been a hugely significant year. As the Mexican Gulf environmental crisis and the disgusting antics of BP, an erupting Icelandic Volcano, the worst floods ever in Pakistan, China and India devastate our world, it’s not difficult to correlate these disasters with Neptune. Neptune rules water, the oceans, oil, lies, deception, cover ups, mistreatment, drowning, waste and nature’s fury as the God of storms and wild weather returns with a message for the collective.

The message is embedded in the charts of the Returns. In the first return in 2009 (inner wheel), the most significant aspect is the Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter alignment. The triple conjunction alerts us to the new cycle of Neptune as a harbinger of massive changes in consciousness regarding world affairs and of a healing of the self inflicted wounds of constant progress.

The significance of Neptune’s return coinciding with the ecological crises, the global financial crisis and a growing awareness of the looming date of 2012 and what that may mean, an awakening of humanities crisis in consciousness as we consider global transformation, all become highly significant in the development of a new world and paradigm shift. The triple conjunction is squared by Sedna, goddess of oceans and the Moon is in Scorpio again highlighting shared resources. The oceanic realm will be under the spotlight, also how we control, share and protect its resources and purity.

Water, water, water is highlighted in this chart. Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node of the Moon are all in Aquarius, an air sign, but the sign of the water-bearer. Aquarius signifies humanity’s capacity to give what is needed back to the people and the planet. Mars and Venus are in watery Pisces. Venus is at a very potent point on the anaretic degree and the border of new beginnings. Venus is retrograde and closest to the earth in her cycle. So close to the zero Aries point, what we value on this planet is up for review in this next cycle.

With Pluto in Capricorn, trine to Ceres at zero Virgo and with Saturn in Virgo we can see that an ecological outlook is needed and will be expected in the systems of governance and corporations in the future. Ceres, earth goddess and now deemed equal in stature with Pluto, at zero Virgo conjuncts Regulus. This bright star will ensure that the development of the next cycle has the environment and deep ecology as the main focus.

With the Moon in Scorpio we know that the future requires investment into these ecological systems and we don’t have to guess that there will be those that will be doing this for all the wrong reasons. Mercury creates a grand earth trine with Ceres and Pluto, trade and ecological economy will now be turning a new leaf. With the Sun and Eris in Aries, two warrior types denote new beginnings and a mission. A warrior attitude to get things done shines in our consciousness it’s a matter of perhaps, survival.

The second return (outer wheel) interestingly repeats a yod pattern, this time with Pluto and Jupiter pointing to a retrograde Mars. This alerts us again to energy systems, power, wealth, war and ego consciousness and with Mars retrograde a warning as to how this can all go wrong, or is going wrong or will go wrong if we don’t carefully adjust. The Pluto Saturn square shows the breaking down of outdated systems that will prevail. This time Venus forms a triple conjunction with Neptune and Chiron. She has joined the mission of fairness and equality. The Sun also in Aquarius, again illuminates the message of the water bearer.

Jupiter has moved into Pisces and squares the Moon in Sagittarius, showing a strong global feeling is in the ether. Collective consciousness, world views, philosophies and core belief systems are being challenged. The Moon conjuncts Antares, the rival of Ares, indicating the common feeling of the people is that we are aware, alarmed and ANTI many things we see continually played out on the world stage. The new consciousness cannot allow old patterns to continue.

For the final return, this time the Sun is in Scorpio. It seems Neptune is highlighting our passion and integrity, we have to get to the real crux of the matter. Uranus and Jupiter are both retrograde in Pisces, what we have been alerted to now becomes the difficult task of working out what to do and how to proceed. How to change, feel inspired and uncover new possibilities becomes apparent before we can move forward again.

Neptune is still travelling with Chiron for this next return and has ensured that the new cycle of Neptune be guided by Chiron’s wise ways. Neptune ensures Chiron’s next cycle is inspired and illuminating. Can we collectively recognise and embrace our wounds so that they may be healed?

Again Venus is retrograde and at the 29th degree, this time in Libra. She always seems to be reviewing and re-evaluating and this time it’s about justice and fairness. Do we really value these attributes? With Ceres, Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn, what holds true for the first return chart continues to be a theme; governance and corporations are to be held ecologically responsible . Our common restless nature remains with the Moon again near Antares, this time with Mars, reaffirming our stance of changing our priorities and directions and acknowledging that war doesn’t fix anything.

Whatever chart for the Return we look at, 2009 and 2010 have been hugely significant years and Neptune returning has illuminated and unveiled a path. The path is not so clear and perhaps never will be. Remember Neptune takes us on journeys of getting lost, becoming caught in nets and losing our way, but this purpose seems to teach us to learn to trust, have faith, seek a more spiritual path, tap into the psychic realm, glean creative inspiration and develop a more compassionate outlook. It seems we do have great powers locked away in the unconscious that we don’t use, simply because we don’t believe in them. Science has told us not to believe, magic is a superstition of the past. With Neptune’s Return, can we not celebrate a return of these processes , magical thinking and magical living.

Spiritual growth, universal causes and a greater connection to our cosmic consciousness has been awakened. In times of crisis great things are born. Neptune rules chaotic energy and systems and that move us to continue to create, to blend, to perceive, to go beyond. Neptune’s strong associations with the unconscious lead us to explore unconscious processes and by doing so, we make them conscious. Part of this crisis in consciousness is to seek and believe in a different way.

Together with reopening the unconscious realms we can reignite and further awaken Gaian consciousness a connection to the world soul, the anima mundi which has sadly been lost in the de-sacralisation of nature, and through the dogma of science and religion.

“I see the world soul as the largest and smallest creature imaginable. It isn’t the God who hung up the stars like lamps in the heaven and it isn’t the force that spins the galaxies on their axes. The world soul has arisen out of Biology. It’s an organism within the universe of space, time, but it didn’t make the universe. It’s an inhabitant of it, but on a scale that makes us mere atoms within it’s form.”**** Terence Mc Kenna

As Neptune represents invisible energy let us use this energy wisely and keep directing it to a more illuminated place.

In my next instalment I will look at the ingress of Neptune into Pisces and previous times when Neptune was in Pisces throughout the ages. Briefly, Neptune’s journey in Pisces through history has seen :

-Ideas, concepts, discoveries that greatly influence and shape our worldview

-Far reaching ideas that add to the greater understanding of ourselves as part of the world and universe

-Influential philosophies and theories develop about the connection between body, mind and spirit

-Changes in what we believe that have a great global influence and affect all

-beliefs, or truths that permeate the worldview or get worked into the system

-the reshaping and shifting of universal consciousness although not immediate were spawned and seeded at these times.

Just as you’d expect with the 12th sign.

*, ** - from The book of World Horoscopes - Nicholas Campion - The Wessex Astrologer Ltd.

*** Source - Ed Tamplin insights- Facebook June, 2010

**** Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness by Terence McKenna,page 58, Park Street Press. 1996

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Beau said...

A very insightful article about Neptune. Just today there was another mine explosion with missing miners, this time in New Zealand. I feel like Neptune and Chiron both have a lot to teach us right now about compassion for others, as well as the planet itself. I think especially as Neptune traverses Pisces, many of our delusions of security (and our ability to turn emotion off, which is more characteristic of the objectivity of Aquarius) will dissolve. I hope we can all come together in a constructive way to help solve some of the world's problems...

Julija Simas said...

So true Beau,

I so agree,
i think Neptune and Chiron are like aprelude of what is to come,
In Pices bothe will be much wilder and freer, much more highly passionate scenarieos will be devloping around the world as people react,

stay tuned for Part 3, nearly done

Librat2003 said...

Just read through this. It's been an intense months with lots of key puzzle pieces contained within it. But it's a multi-dimensional puzzle and we're not used to those yet. Our first mission... to see our negative effects on the Earth. Our second mission... to take responsibility and change our practices and begin at once. But to definitely have fun and ask for help when you need it while you're changing.